Porto San Giorgio

Porto San Giorgio has lovely sandy beaches, and plenty of fish restaurants, both on the beach and in town; itís our favourite seaside town. Itís about 40 minutes drive down to the coast; you can stop off at the hilltop town of Fermo and have a look around the duomo on the way. Wall to wall sunbeds and umbrellas Ė but beautifully clean and really quite bearable. Very shallow bathing so excellent for kids. Good fish restaurants on the beach and in the town (we particularly recommend the Quadrifoglio, very near the centre on the beach front.

Enjoy an evening stroll around the older parts of the town, with its Italian Art Deco mansions. Parking in high summer can be a bit of nightmare - best to go early and come back here for a swim to get rid of all the sand after taking a sea food lunch!

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