Nearby towns and villages

Sant’Angelo in Pontano is 4km. Sarnano and Macerata are each a half hour drive away. The Sibillini Mountains are nearby – Lake Fiastra is a 40 minute drive. In short there are many towns and hamlets to explore and a selection of ideas is included in our welcome book at the house, together with details of local markets.

The Adriatic coast is just a 45 minute drive away with many fine beaches to choose from and countless excellent fish restaurants.

Within a 2 or 3 hour drive are Ascoli Piceno, Urbino, San Marino, Perugia and Assisi.

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Our local village is Sant’Angelo in Pontano which is at the centre of a thriving – and geographically quite extensive – commune.

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Ripe San Ginesio

Ripe San Ginesio is a small (one bar) hilltop village just across the valley. The nearest bakers and supermarket are in the lower part of the village (Passo Ripe San Ginesio) on the main SS78.

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Loro Piceno

Loro Piceno is the next town to the north along the hilltop road passing Casa dei due Mori, with a couple of decent restaurants and a totally eccentric butchers.

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San Ginesio

Is a very pretty hilltop town with quite a history the other side of the valley – try the few restaurants or just walk around the streets and catch the views.


As well as having the poshest shops in the area Macerata is home to the Spheristerion – where there is an open-air opera festival every summer.

In the mountains

Sarnano is the nearest ski resort. In the winter it hums until well past midnight; in the summer expect to see walkers, cyclists, hill climbing rallies; we’ve even seen a police motorbike convention.

Sibillini Mountains

Sasso Tetto is the nearest accessible mountain top behind Sarnano; it has a few ski runs, and great views to the coast. It can be nippy even in the summer, but on a hot day you can swim in Lake Fiastra at San Lorenzo del Lago.

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