There are many excellent restaurants – both near Casa dei due Mori, and further away in Macerata, Civitanova, Porto San Giorgio and elsewhere. There is guide to restaurants at the house, and you can also find more information online.


There are several supermarkets, bakers, butchers and greengrocers as well as banks within a 3 mile radius – including bakers open on Sundays.


Sant'Angelo is fortunate to have a great selection of bars, restaurants and shops.

In the centre of the commune the supermarket (9 on the map) has recently (2015) moved to a brand new larger location on the way into the village - it's now by far the best supermarket in the area, and has incorporated one of the butchers (14).

Luigi's bakery (17 on the map - 50 yards out of the main square beyond Bar Roberta) makes good bread, cakes and tarts. Luigi also runs La Torre restaurant (3 on the map).

There is a second butchers (16) on the main square, three bars (the fourth, Bar Roberta, appears to be between tenants at the moment) and three restaurants (Pippo and Gabriela (5), Da Diulia (4) and La Torre(3)).

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Within a 5 km radius


In the area surrounding Sant'Angelo, there are several other supermarkets, including:

  • a small COAL supermarket near the traffic lights in Passo Sant'Angelo which is open on Sundays (next to the post office).
  • two more decent supermarkets on the SS-78 - one on the way into Passo Sant'Angelo and the other in Passo Ripe San Ginesio just before the Cantina
  • A really good fruit and vegetable store on the SS-78 towards Colmurano, a quarter mile past the cantina


Bakeries in the area have improved immensely. As well as Luigi's in Sant'Angelo, there's a good bakery in Passo Sant'Angelo which has a wide choice of breads and cakes, and a lovely little one in Passo Ripe San Ginesio which has fresh bread on Sundays, and offers walnut bread, olive bread, wholemeal (pane integrale) and sometimes corn bread (pane mais).

If you are in a hurry for your breakfast, you can go down the white track to Macchie, turn right and pull in at the bar as you drive into Ripe San Ginesio. Pick up a cappuccino, read the paper and then take croissants back for late risers!

Local Markets

Markets start early and fizzle out by lunch time.

  • Sant’Angelo runs a small market on the first Sunday of every month
  • Tolentino – every Tuesday and
  • Macerata – Wednesday – are good for local leather goods
  • Sarnano – Thursdays – is best for its farmer’s market – good cheeses and sausages abound.

Banks / ATMs

  • Banca delle Marche in Sant'Angelo (1 on Sant'Angelo map)
  • Banca di Risparmio di Fermo in Passo Ripe San Ginesio on the SS-78 (next to the Antico Approdo restaurant, with some parking outside
  • Banca delle Marche in San Ginesio main square

Petrol Stations

See F on the local map

  • In Passo Sant'Angelo
  • In Sant'Angelo, on the back way out towards Falerone
  • on the SS-78 in Passo Ripe San Ginesio - self-service only
  • on the SS-78 past Colmurano - with bar and car wash, and Hotel Seri


As well as the three restaurants in Sant'Angelo, other nearby local restaurants include:

  • L'Isolina in Passo Sant'Angelo - plain and simple local food
  • Fronte del Parco on the way out of Passo Sant'Angelo towards San Ginesio: US-style grill - open Weds-Sun only
  • Agriturismo Casa Azzura outside Loro Piceno - organic food, set menu
  • La Luana on the way into Loro Piceno - typical restaurant
  • Giro Arrosto in Loro Piceno's centro storico - excellent local food in a vaulted cellar
  • Da Rosa at L'Abbadia di Fiastra is particularly good on a sunny lunchtime


The Cantina Terre di San Ginesio on the SS-78 in Ripe San Ginesio doesn't look like much, but they sell some excellent local wines (as well as Prosecco from the Veneto, local olive oils etc). They'll let you taste before you buy. They'll also sell you the basic local re, white and rose wines for a couple of euros a litre.

The Cantina Saputi winery is up towards the historic centre of Colmurano; they have a more complex (and pricey!) set of wines and make for a better wine tasting experience.

Also try visiting the artisanal brewery in Urbisaglia (Birrificio il Mastio). They have also just opened (in 2016) "Statale 78", a pub/food establishment on the SS78 (just opposite a petrol station as you drive towards Urbisaglia).

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Further Afield

Find more restaurants in Sarnano, Servigliano, Falerone, San Ginesio, Macerata, Tolentino, Civitanova and Porto San Giorgio in our book of restaurant cards.

Shopping Centres – Centro Commerciale

Nowadays you can get almost everything you need at the local shops and supermarkets. However if you want to see a bigger range of products, you may want to go to one of the nearby major shopping centres (centro commerciale),

Val di Chienti - Piediripa, Macerata

  • Drive down to the SS-78
  • Turn right towards Macerata on the SS-78
  • After about 15km, turn onto the superstrada SS-77 towards Civitanova
  • Take the first junction off (signposted Macerata Sud / Corridonia)
  • At the end of the slip road, turn right,
  • On the left is a modern (non-food) shopping centre
  • Or continue over the viaduct and then at the large roundabout filter to the right (signposted for “Centro Commerciale Val di Chienti”).
  • Half a mile further, turn left at the roundabout (signposted again)
  • Almost immediately, turn right; the hypermarket is 500 yards on your left.

Iper, Civitanova

This Iper opened in 2015 and has a massive hypermarket, with all kinds of local, national and international produce. It also contains plenty of clothes and shoe shopping opportunities.

  • Drive down to the SS-78
  • Turn right towards Macerata on the SS-78
  • Exit at the sign for the A14 Bologna/Bari autostrada
  • Follow the road to the first roundabout (the entrance to the A14 is on the right), and go straight on
  • At the second roundabout turn left
  • Iper is at the end of the road in front of you.
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